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#34976 Huge USPSA Cheating Scandal

Posted by Troll Account #5 on 17 June 2014 - 09:19 PM

I love how everyone "hates Doodie" but every time shit pops off the bandwith gets tested.


Doodie Project is where the First Amendment and Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution meet.  There is no other place like it.  


I think we should all be grateful that MFCEO started this forum and allows us to post here.  I don't think it would have been possible to post information about this cheating scandal on any other public internet forum in such an honest and candid manner. 


[Click the "Like This" button on this post if you agree.  Maybe we can set some kind of record.]


Troll Account #5

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#72162 I think the forum needs an adjustment

Posted by Ben on 13 November 2014 - 09:42 PM

A lot of posters here (including me) could really do a better job of posting about shooting. Some of the people here that actually post substantively about shooting get nothing but shit on. It kind of makes things a waste of time. At this point, the only way I can even tolerably navigate this forum is via very heavy use of the "ignore" feature. I don't ever see the majority of posts on this forum because I have gotten pretty quick to ignore users that don't have anything to say or are malicious or are stupid (or some combination of the above)

I have wanted to post this for a long time, but I haven't because the likely result is just me being shit on. On the other hand, I am apparently the only person that this message can come from.

I would really really really like to see shooting discussed on here. I would like to see USPSA politics talked about. I would like to see IDPA rules made fun of.


For example, I am tired of Team Glock jokes. That shit was played out in 2011. It is completely baffling to me that a few of you choose to relentlessly troll on the few posters that keep range diaries on here and actually shoot.


I am perfectly happy to continue podcasting and not posting much, but after talking with several members (face to face) of this forum I decided to try to push the forum in a better direction.


Just to clarify, I am not going to shut the forum down. I am not personally offended by stuff posted here. That being said, most threads on here are completely useless. We have had a few threads that have been immensely valuable. Running Paul Hendrix out of the sport on rails was a good thing. Being the only relevant place where you can actually have an open discussion about the USPSA political situation is a good thing.


Most of the people from this forum I have actually met are pretty good people. You guys (as a group) have been really good to me. The pro shop is a success, I spend most of my time traveling around and putting on classes that are attended largely by forum members. I know that most of you (probably the ones that don't post much) are tired of the guys acting fucked up on here. You aren't butthurt... you aren't trolled... you just read right past it.


It is white noise.

I think the signal to noise ratio should change.

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#61341 Class

Posted by Ben on 29 September 2014 - 08:54 PM

There were no questionable calls (not in my favor anyway).


I did not reshoot any of the stages for any reason. I feel like my scores accurately reflect the shitshow that I put on. I wish I shot better, but I didn't.


I think Max and KC probably just think I am an asshole (I am) and JJ is the real champ in terms of being a classy dude. I may not be the real champ, but I am the dude that had to lug a heavy fucking glass trophy all the way from Utah to Wisconsin.

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#103454 PPS Statement

Posted by Twinkie on 08 June 2015 - 07:51 AM

I had no idea the events set in motion at the SC Sectional would be such a big deal. Because multiple people have contacted me wanting to know what is going on, I will say a few things. 

There are two separate subjects - The smear campaign waged after SC sectional and the changes between Ben and me.

The events (primarily on Facebook) regarding prop activation at the match are to my mind nothing more than interpersonal and cultural drama. I broke no rules at the match, was one of several competitors activating the prop, and there were no penalties as a result of anything I did at the match. Some chose to make a big deal about a non-event.
After becoming aware of the Facebook accusations the Monday after the match, I had to decide to go public or not. I hoped that as the events became known and the rules questions were answered that the entire thing would die down. In retrospect, remaining silent was not the best way to get the truth out. Also, I realize now that I could have helped avoid the whole drama by seeking out a match official, as this was a non-traditional matter with rules which many people did not know. Having the rules discussion during the match would have been better than having it be a public affair afterwards.

The second matter is the Practical Pistol Show. A week or so after SC State, Ben told me my presence on the podcast wold be on hiatus. This of course saddened me greatly, as helping bring the Practical Pistol Show to life as a video podcast was tons of fun and I made many new friends through the show. I hope it continues to entertain and inform. I feel fortunate to have been a part of it.

As for what the future holds: I haven't stopped shooting; I won't stop practicing to get gooder; and I still love USPSA. 

In the short-term I realize this will feed the sensationalists and increase the general drama level. My hope is that it will dispel the air of mystery pervading these two events and allow everyone to move on.

Finally, I would like to thank my friends and everyone who have expressed their support. You have all been invaluable and I am fortunate to have you on my side.
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#520 3 Book Combo, Free Shipping

Posted by Ben on 20 September 2013 - 08:24 AM


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#139671 Shoot Walther PPS M2 in USPSA

Posted by Trigger Warning on 01 May 2016 - 10:19 AM

It's crazy that you want to have fun with that gun and there's no division in which it is specifically competitive.  Buying other stuff is expensive, so my advice would be to simply have a division created for your gun.  Just write up the parameters and submit with the form below:



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#3619 Who's going to the IPSC World Shoot next year in Frostproof?

Posted by Shiva Rudra on 22 October 2013 - 03:11 PM

And if you are not on Team USA we should have a Team Doodie!


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#5 Area 7

Posted by Tank on 17 September 2013 - 02:10 PM

Best part of the match was the bacon stage, although it was distracting to shoot with the sweet smell of bacon wafting around you.

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#35472 Paul Hendrix Meme Contest

Posted by SeanN on 18 June 2014 - 03:25 PM


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#181854 USPSA Membership Termination (Nov. 2017 Board Minutes)

Posted by Trigger Warning on 06 December 2017 - 09:11 PM

Bruce Wells says they don’t want to embarrass the guy by publishing who he is and I get that a little bit but I don’t appreciate the double standard - they publish my classifier scores without giving one fuck about how embarrassing those are.
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#139789 Shoot Walther PPS M2 in USPSA

Posted by Trigger Warning on 02 May 2016 - 03:57 PM

Here comes a guy seeking genuine advice on USPSA and you guys go right down the rabbit hole of divisions and walther variants.  Sir, I apologize for the poor SNR and offer as recompense a fulsome primer to expand your knowledge of USPSA.


A Call of Doodie USPSA Primer


It’s easy to understand!


Simply place your holster and pouches no more than two inches away, at their closest point, from the outer surface of your belt and no further ahead than a bisecting plane through your Iliac Crest.  Shoot the course of fire gathering points and penalties which are then aggregated and divided by your time to the thousandth of a second which earns you a proportional share of the overall stage points depending on how your score compares to the person who, on that stage, happened to have the highest number when everyone’s points were aggregated and divided by their individual times.  Once all stages are shot proportional stages points are added to determine match points, at which point winners and losers are determined.




The Metric target got its name because it is used in the US, where the metric system was invented and fully embraced.  It is notorious for its hyper-realistic anatomical shape, which features a small box on top of a big box.  It’s basically like shooting an image of Mother Theresa in the face and terrifies sponsors who otherwise would love to tap the giant market of competitive shooters.  Matches that use this target don’t give a damn about political correctness, and recognize that the small box on top of the big box is what separates action shooters from fat, balding suspenders wearing bullseye shooters.


The Classic target got its name because it is not the metric target, and that is definitely Classic!  It’s a bizarre shape that looks nothing like any mammal PETA is concerned you will shoot at but if you stare at it long enough you will see a dolphin.  Matches that use this target typically have spectator tickets available on TicketMaster and are featured either on Pay Per View or commercial free network TV courtesy of Coke.


Poppers got their name because they do not pop in any way.  Instead if you shoot them, they may fall down which scores points, or they don’t which scores derision as you either shouldn’t complain because you don’t shoot major or you made the squad wait for a Super Senior to come from the next county over to “calibrate” the target which means the bolt came loose and your squad should have checked before you shot and you all suck.


We’re all Winners!


“If you’re not first you’re last” is NOT the motto of USPSA.  Let’s break down the quite large winners’ (not a typo!) circle.


High Overall


This is the stat everyone looks at first but pretend they do not.  You need to remember two things:  1)  equipment doesn’t matter and 2) if the person who is HOA is in a different division it is because of equipment.  If in a multi-division match the HOA is from Open division, this proves open shooters only care about HOA and validates the need for rifles in the match even though rifle shooters claim rifles probably won’t beat open shooters.


Match/Division Champ


This is the person who wins the match if it is a single division, or a division if a multi-division match.


Real Champ


This is the person who most certainly would have won the match or division except for a force majeure event, such as a crappy gun that wouldn’t run or dropping a magazine.


Class Champ


Just because you aren’t HOA, Match/Division or even a real champ doesn’t mean you didn’t win.  You can also be a champ with a real and true victory if you beat the other people who happened to show up in your class, which are shooters who are grouped with you in one of these categories:


U = unclassified and dangerous

D = terrible

C = terrible

B = someone who has a job

A = someone who has a job but neglects family

M = someone who has a job but no family and is OCD

Paper GM = batshit crazy, but can’t win matches. 

GM = batshit crazy


Category Champ


Just because you aren’t HOA, Match/Division, Real Champ, or one of 126 Class champs doesn’t mean you didn’t win.  You can be a champ with a real and true victory if you are part of a category.


Lady = gender based on government ID or bathroom preference for that day.

Junior = pampered child who shows up for match but doesn’t clean gun or reload or anything really but who is entitled to match discount

Senior = geezer over 55; remembers when everything was Major!

Super Senior = ancient geezer over 65; does not have to paste or respond to range commands in less than seven seconds.

Military = active duty military but can be any side so watch out for North Koreans and Iranians.  Remember how pissed off the Republican Guards got in ’91 when they were bumped to Open and had spent all that money on matching shirts saying, “Sodamn Insane Camel Smoking Posse Sponsored by Allah Ak-Bar and Grille”

Law = police with arrest powers.  ARREST POWERS.   They shoot however they want.  Remember that RO who DQ’ed a Homeland Security guy for finger in the trigger guard during reload?  I don’t either but hopefully someday he’ll make bail.


Equipment Choice


“Equipment doesn’t matter” is what poor people think and “this $65 mag holder with swiveling attachment point will help my reload” is what people who suck think. 


The truth is a reliable gun that you work with is what matters.  The fun is that you can get this from $500 to $5,000 and no matter what choice you make your fellow shooters are always there to tell you that you chose wrong.


Choose equipment to fit the division or the division to fit the equipment.  That is linear Western style thinking and it has its adherents.  Choose one; the important thing is that when you choose a division you achieve certainty that it is the “best” division and the other divisions are dumb.  Or, be a leader and have a division created that suits you – you do you!!




Back to equipment doesn’t matter.  Of course it does, but practice matters more.  Shooting is expensive though.  How to square the circle?


If you are poor and you suck you are starting from behind.  The solution here is to just practice.  How to do that if you are poor?  Simple, purchase a series of books that come in different sizes and colors that explain to you to point your empty gun toward objects in your house (pre-existing or made to look like a target) and pretend to shoot.  It’s really much more complicated than that – you need the books.  Every.  Single.  One.  If you can’t read there is a video that explains how to pretend to shoot.


If you are rich and you suck you are still behind.  The solution here is to practice.  How to do this if you are rich?   Simple, attend a live class where you are told to go home and point your empty gun towards objects in your house and pretend to shoot.   Get the video that explains the same, and every single book that also explains the same. 


Also, shoot for real.  Order ammo in bulk or purchase an automated 1050 as your first press.


Mostly, don’t be discouraged!  You may come in 89th out of 91 people in your first match but hang in there and months and thousands of dollars later you will be 82nd or even 81st!  Rome wasn’t built in a day they tell people who have never built anything and who are drooling stupid – and you won’t be a champ in a day either.  It takes 10,000 hours to be a real champ and there are only 24 hours in a day so that’s several days.  Stop reading and start pointing your gun at your bedroom wall!  Are you ready?  Standby!

#85139 Annnnnnnnnnd We are Back!

Posted by Ben on 29 January 2015 - 03:12 PM

New hosting has been secured. I don't anticipate future problems on that front. Doodie away.

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#393 Production Nationals 2013

Posted by Zsavage81 on 19 September 2013 - 09:39 AM

I'll be making the 14 hour journey to Tulsa for the first time this year along with another Nationals virgin and was wondering if there is any wisdom those of you who have been to Nats before (or who have shot at this club before) would be so kind as to impart on us? Anything from shooting advice, to where to eat, to places to avoid would be appreciated.

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#143233 PPR is on Amazon

Posted by Trigger Warning on 05 June 2016 - 10:35 AM

Practical Pistol Reloaded:  Short Review


Let’s face it:  it was time.


In the fast paced world of practical shooting, competitors are used to walking the fine line between evolution and revolution.  It seems like every five to seven years there’s a new, marginally different product introduced, and the market barely has time to discern whether it offers any objective improvement, measurable even at the quantum level, before another half-decade goes by and the cycle starts anew.


To take an example, the timer market was rocked when Pocket Pro II was introduced years after the original Pocket Pro and experts still don’t know if or how it offers any advantages.  Look at the Tanfoglio Stock III, which makes the name Stock II, if not the gun itself, obsolete.


With this level of innovation, training techniques must rapidly evolve as well or be left behind in the dustbin of forgotten skills wedged between the teacup and the weaver.


Fortunately competitive shooters looking for spiritual guidance can access the latest in Practical Pistol Reloaded. 




The revamped cover with cutting edge graphic app technology sets the tone.  Who’s that on the cover?  Is it Ben Stoeger or his twin sister Bhendoline?  With CGI adding an airy waviness to the hair and a general softening of features, you can’t tell.  And it’s none of your business.  This is obviously a high-dive into one of the most important practical shooting cultural dramas of the last two days:  which bathroom does a transgender use and how many parts have to be cut off to equitably qualify for high-lady awards.


Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t show any of the revamped content.  But, let’s face it, while still useful, the old Practical Pistol book was long in the tooth and woefully inadequate for the digital age.  Ben’s aged and matured a lot since it came out, and there’s new technology that needs to be covered. 





This is no “Windows 8” update – check it out if you need the absolute latest version of this book.

#743 2014 Classes

Posted by Ben on 22 September 2013 - 08:40 AM

2013 is pretty well booked up.

THANK YOU to all the goons on here that hosted classes for me. I had more than 20 of them this year!

If you are interested in getting me to your area in 2014, get in touch with me and start planning early.

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#38652 Huge USPSA Cheating Scandal

Posted by Brownie on 26 June 2014 - 11:45 AM

OK fellas, you guys out for blood had better manage your expectations. No matter what happens I think Chuck is the one that really got the shit sandwich in the deal. If I was him, I'd be more pissed than anyone.


I see it shaking down like this:

  • PVH's resignation will most likely be solidified by a ban or "refusal to renew" or however else they want to word it. Even the "wait for the BoD to do their job" crowd is basically admitting that the evidence is irrefutable and damning. 
  • Unless there's more evidence that Chuck has, that I haven't seen, then no action will be taken against the shooters that benefited from Paul's actions. I would agree with that. Regardless of what anyone "thinks" or "feels" unless someone confesses or is caught red handed you really aren't going to prove it. If you can't prove it then I say that you can't act on it. 
  • No results will change nor will any prizes/awards change hands. Forget it. Tie it to a balloon and let that shit go. Move on. 

What does concern me is the couple of people that have shown their cards and who they truly are. There's some people that thought they should engage in some online banter with other people that they looked down on as riffraff. Somewhere in their head they decided that it would be easy to make them look foolish because "I am me and they are not cut of my cloth." When that didn't go well they upped their game and tried harder rather than conceding and taking the lump. This only served to show failure at a higher level. Face was lost. Egos were bruised. While I applaud their competitive nature it's at this point that it took a turn. Not to be outdone they start using whatever power and influence they have to call for bans on not only those individuals that wouldn't kiss the ring but also on anyone that associated with them that they've decided they don't like. I think the problem stems from the fact that the dislike of the individuals on a personal level is the driving force and the "disrepute of the sport" angle is just the instrument by which they want to use to exact their revenge. It all boils down to the notion that most people can't handle being told they're wrong even if they're dead wrong. When they're surrounded by yes men and suddenly a person or people come along that aren't afraid to voice their opinion then they aren't equipped to handle that. If you're deathly afraid of being corrected there's two solutions. Be damn sure you're right or keep your mouth shut. If you have an opinion and choose to express it, you might want to at least entertain the notion that someone will disagree with you. When it happens you can concede that you're wrong, ignore their opinion or throw a tantrum. That's just my opinion but then again....I may be wrong.

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#1877 I shot a stage to the rules, but the MD tossed it.

Posted by Howie Feltersnatch on 01 October 2013 - 11:03 AM

From the start, you had to engage two targets one to right one to the left.  I shot the one on the right, then shot the one on the left.  After I shot the left target, I left the free fire zone and went around the wall and back in to the free fire zone. No where in the stage description or walk through did it say we had go through the door, there was nothing preventing the shooter from going around the wall/door.   I was the first shooter of the day on this stage...


Red is the free fire zone...

Black is walls/ports/door

Green is the path of least resistance. 



Roy Neal is a  prima donna for tossing the stage after he found out 75% of the shooters shot it this way, and he went through the door... 

Attached Files

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#1669 SNS Casting - Coated Bullets

Posted by SNSCaster on 29 September 2013 - 09:08 PM

Finally, we're offering coated bullets!


We have started coating our bullets with the highly regarded coating from Bayou Bullets website:



They can be found on our website as they become available.  We're working on coating all of our 9mm, .40/10mm, and .45ACP bullets. 




99% of orders go out the same day or next day!!!!!  Try us!

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#130443 Area 4 Director to Step Down

Posted by Mike Foley on 29 January 2016 - 03:45 PM

Not only are Art's reasons personal, but they are legitimate.  He informed me of his intent to resign within 24 hours of my winning the election.  This gave me time to vet candidates for appointment.  In addition, he stayed on through the end of business at the January BOD meeting, and was instrumental in the meeting until the very end.  Art Brown is a class act, an asset to USPSA, and a gentleman.  He has my respect for a more than proper hand-off, and his service to USPSA.  I made an appointment for Area 4 Director this afternoon, and I will make an announcement soon.  In the meantime, if you see Art, please thank him.


All of the Area Directors present at the BOD meeting really stepped forward and worked hard on behalf of the members they represent, and the organization.  I am proud of the work they have done recently, and the work they are doing now.  The days of part-time leadership are over, and the wounds will soon heal.

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#173883 Sun Tzu's Guide to HOA

Posted by Trigger Warning on 25 July 2017 - 05:26 PM

With the heat out practicing for Nationals or even the globalist World Shoot, and with carbines showing up like zits on prom night, it’s getting harder for the intrepid everyman to squeeze out an HOA.


Many of the recent entertaining range rage threads have at their root the fact that the douches were shooting against people who they were never going to beat.  It’s crazy going into a match against people with more skill and who are better prepared and expect to win.


It’s not going to get easier – at least until Fall – so for those who aren’t heat but consider themselves at least lukewarm, remember the mental game is where the match is won, and that battle is over before the first fault line is laid.


The road to merchandise discounts and vector logo graphics is open to you; you simply have to play the game to win and that starts now.


Focus your mind, employ wisdom and treachery, and the high hit factors will follow:



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