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007's shooting log

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Posted 02 January 2018 - 02:55 PM

"To be a successful practical shooter, you work on what you can't do until there's nothing that you can't do."

Brian Enos
Practical Shooting: Beyond Fundamentals


With this wisdom in mind, the training theme for 2018 is No Limitations.


2018 will be about eliminating weak points in my game and preparing to push my way into the next tier.


There are several areas of emphasis that I've identified after review and reflection.  


Trigger Control

  • Trigger control has always been (personally) fairly intuitive, fortunately.  I've not had to spend a great deal of time or effort isolating trigger control in training, but I need to bring it up to a level closer to elite.  So I will do more isolation work.
  • The Dots
  • Long distance Bill Drills
  • Ben Stoeger "Pairs" drill

Hosing + Extreme close distance (with all alphas) 

  •   I can hose alright but sometimes lack the discipline to print alphas when I'm trying to burn it down.  At short range, whether or not you shoot alphas is entirely a function of discipline.
  • Blake Drill (vary target distances and widths!)
  • Bill Drill
  • 4 Aces

Surrender draws + Oddball starts + non-shooting tasks 

  • I want to shoot more steel challenge in 2018 so the surrender draw dovetails nicely into training for both disciplines.  Need to work more hands-on-marks, barricade starts, draws into leans, draws into SOTM, unloaded starts, etc.  Basically be prepared for starts other than the traditional loaded hands at sides.  Also want to work situations where there are tasks to be performed before shooting and while shooting, such as carrying objects, etc.


  • Pretty self-explanatory, need to transition more rapidly and more precisely.  Eliminate over- and under-swinging.  

Nailing tough reloads

  • Work on processing visually and breaking down steps and sequences discretely.  I want to break the steps down and put them back together efficiently.
  • Work mag grabs in isolation
  • Get eyes to correct points and not leave too early or too late, hit the sequences fluidly.

Less conscious mind

  • Work on more disciplined and detailed programming of stage plans and visualization pre-stage so there is no need to "think through" a stage while shooting.
  • Blank mind between "Are you ready" and the beep.  
  • Execute plan without conscious thought

Steel Discipline

  • Especially on whole arrays, treat each steel as one unit.  The tendency is to nail the first 4, 5, or 6 shots in a steel array rhythmically and then lose focus and just start pulling trigger without regard for careful aiming.

Splits at distance

  • The top guys split fast at distance.  Sal shoots 25+ yard targets like I shoot 12-15y targets.
  • This is a function of grip/tracking proficiency and not sitting on acceptable sight pictures.

Balance + 360* Readiness ‚Äč

  • The top guys are always one step ahead in the context of movement and flow through a stage.  Meaning, they prepare for the next directional step when they set up in a position.  They are always prepared in their body balance, foot position, etc.  The guys who are most pleasing to watch run a stage are these types who are exceptionally prepared at any given point for the next action.  Sometimes this will mean "breaking the rules", such as setting up narrow on an array if setting up wide is going to be slower to get out of.  This point requires experience and experimentation more than any rigid guideline. 
  • A strong core and lower body is going to help as well in changing direction and avoided getting all twisted up in your own body mass due to imbalance.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

  • I'm going to do a lot of experimenting this season.  I don't work out of the Stoeger books as much any more, but I will from time to time.  I'm going to vary my timer use in dryfire and livefire, including setting it down entirely to focus on the feel and the steps in isolation.
  • Have a focus on everything you do.  Don't go through the motions.  Be mindful of what is happening in the moment.
  • If I train all year like I did the second half of 2017, progress will be unstoppable.
  • You're only as good as your worst run.  
  • Re-read the your entire range diary.  Parse it for especially valuable insights and write them down separately and put them in prominent places so you will see it daily.
  • Have a running training "to-do list".  Add items as you observe a need and remove them as you have completed the objective.  Whiteboard!
  • Maintain list of drill PRs and work them down over time.  Add a benchmark drill to sessions as practicable so there is motivation and progress trackable over time.


I wrote down a whole list of goals for 2018 but I ended up crossing them all out except one.  


The only goal I'm going to establish for 2018 is to finish top-10 at Production Nationals. 

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Sweet T

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Posted 04 January 2018 - 02:54 PM

When you come up with it, if you happen to be so inclined, consider this a request to post the intermediate training plan here as well as your shooting one.  I'm particularly curious if you're going to try to minimize interference by using a RPE-based plan or go with the more traditional percentage-based stuff.  I was lifting when I first started dry-fire, but was unable to come up with something that didn't smoke my grip, so I let it go.  (To be fair, time issues also played a role.)  But I'm hoping to cycle back up on the lifting soon, because I can only tolerate being skinny-fat for so long. 


My rough plan is to run a Heavy Light Medium (HLM) program, M/W/F split.


Heavy day

Squats +5 lb over prior week 3x5

Press +2.5 over prior work set 3x5

Chins, as many reps as possible (AMRAP) x3  ALTERNATED weekly with weighted chins 3x


Light day

Squats 80% heavy work set 3x5

Deadlift +5lb over prior week 1x5

Incline bench press +5 lb over prior week 3x10


Medium day

Squats 90% heavy work set 3x5

Press +2.5 over prior work set until stall then 90% weekly work set

Curls +5 over prior work set 3x10


If I have a match, I can skip a Medium Friday and mitigate the damage.

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Sweet T

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 02:50 PM

Took advantage of a sunny but brisk day to do some live fire with the carry optics gun.

Started with El prez. The cold always does weird stuff to the Glock springs. Until the gun got warmed up it kept on failing to feed. After that improved, got in a groove. I dragged a bunch of points down on the middle target. I'm still getting used to the dot and how it behaves in recoil, but results were positive. It hits where you put it.

I did Blake drill at 10 and 7 to work on the middle target dragging issue and to drive down transition times. I'm at about a .25-.26 transition at 10 yards and .22 at 7 yards.
I did have a 1.82 run at 7 including an .18 transition but the points were trash. I think a Delta and 3-4 Charlies. But it was fun to be able to go that fast. Just have to clean it up.

I have not live fired much at all since around November but I don't think there has been a tremendous amount of drop off. As the weather improves, I'll be able to train with more frequency and get back to baseline and start actively improving. My draw has lost a little speed and my grip needs work.

I got a whiteboard for my reloading room so I can track my training to do list and PRs more prominently and conveniently.

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Sweet T

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 03:49 PM

Equipment note:

On this date I replaced the locking block pins in the production gun #1.

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