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Getting my Sh#t Together

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Posted 08 October 2017 - 07:49 PM

Off set a shitty gun tooning session with a productive live fire session today.


I'll chronicle the marvels of fine italian craftsmanship in another thread. That said, for as long as these fuckers at Tanfoglio have been making guns you'd think their quality would be better... My experience today thoroughly convinced me all the engineers and mechanics that could barely scrape a "D" average went into the firearms industry... It's 2017, who the fuck uses 'roll pins'? Even the Turkish made replicas have hard steel pins...


I didn't give a rats ass it was raining today - I tossed my shit in the truck and headed out as I wanted to reverse the slew of bad luck. After I sighted in my new front sight, I set to work with four aces @ 7 yards:


My best run was 7.98 HF, 4 alpha, time was 2.61, draw .94, reload 1.23

My first run was 7.01 HF, 3 alpha 1 charlie, time was 2.71, draw 1.06, reload 1.31

My average was 6.77 HF, 70% alpha, 2% bravo, 16% charlie, 11% delta, no mikes, avg draw 1.01, avg reload 1.28

My worst run was 5.17 HF, alpha, charlie, 2 delta, time was 2.51, draw was .94, reload was 1.22


For the past 3 months, virtually all of my dry fire is untimed. I'm more focused on feeling or what my sights are showing me vs. the timer. So when I started recording reloads today starting at 1.31 and dropping all the way down to 1.19, I was pretty surprised. I only had one flub that was 1.63 and many runs in the high 1.2's. So I am capable of some fast reloads, I"ll keep working the consistency. My grip could have been better as I flubbed it a few times with my slowest draw being 1.15; that said, i recorded .94 times 3 out of the 10 runs. I'll keep practicing to improve my consistency.


Next up was steel poppers at 12 yards (2 regular size and 3 minis):


Run 1 was 7.02 @ 8 shots, run 2 was 6.46 @ 8 shots, run 3 was 5.31 @ 7 shots, run 4 was 5.21 @ 6 shots, run 5 was 4.68 @ 6 shots, run 6 was 4.07 @ 5 shots.


Looks like my index, trigger pull and grip need work. Although I did have a new front sight, I should be more consistent.


Finally was Bill Drill at 15 yards:


My best run was 8.47 HF, 2.95 seconds, 1 alpha/5 charlie, draw 1.4

My average was 6.33 HF, avg time 3.03, avg, 29% alpha/44% charlie/22% delta/4% mike

My worst was 1.45 HF, 2.75 seconds, 2 charlie/3 delta/mike, draw 1.38


Confirmation of my grip and trigger control need more work. 

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Posted Today, 03:17 PM

10/15 Match at Bradford Action Shooters


Fun match at Bradford as we adopted a Halloween theme for most of the stages, my performance was ok but I learned where I need to focus my training for the next few months.


The good:

  1. My stand and shoot skills are improving as I posted decent results in melody line classifier (69.9% or a high B - 10 alpha, charlie, delta @ 8.63 seconds), and I posted two strings for 4 Aces at 5.6 seconds with a 6.57 HF and scored second on that stage in the overall standings behind our club master (he beat me by .6 in points). My practice no pressure pace is rougley 2.5 to 2.6 so its a decent result for me given my current skill level
  2. I starting to do better in memorizing stage plans and did not miss any targets
  3. I got to design a fun halloween themed stage called "who flung poo" with an image of Cartman flinging poo at the shooter and Kenny flicking you off on the final target as he is a non shoot. I overheard a few guys saying it was a fun stage to shoot so I'll take it


The bad:

  1. My overall placing was 17 out of 28; two poor stages really sunk me in the overall standings 
  2. Weak hand shooting needs work and I hardly practice these skills. So it should be no surprise to me when I burned two rounds into a cover target (this is part of the reason why I placed so poorly and my accuracy slid from the last match)
  3. Hard lean shots really screwed me this match as one stage had some extreme leans; it was a good stage, but several older guys that are good shooters couldn't make make these shots and gave up 


As I look ahead at my training plan I need to make some changes:

  • Although my overall percentage of alphas shot in the last 3 matches has remained consistent between 69% to 70%, my charlie percentage increased by 17% and my deltas increased by 3%. So more accuracy work is in order which equals live fire training of dots drill and bill drill at 15 yards. I'll also bake in some weak-hand practice
  • Transitions need work so I'll keep hitting el prez in dryfire and live fire, as well as, blake drill and small plate rack in live fire
  • Position entry and exit needs work so I'll start dryfiring entry and exit with a quick transition to a hard lean. I'll lift a live fire drill from Stubb or Sweet T as they have some solid drills for these skills


I'm hoping to get in one more match before the end of the season so I'll post some post season thoughts, as well as, goals for the upcoming season and practice plan to get there in a future post.

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