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Getting my Sh#t Together

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Posted 13 January 2019 - 01:05 PM

Week ending 1/13


Yesterday I made it to the indoor range to focus on my grip, recoil control, and trigger control. The main drill I used to work on these items was the doubles drill at 7 yards. Since I've never used this drill before I didn't have a based line; so, I set a goal for 95% Alphas and a target for my splits to be .19 or less. After about 250 rounds, I scored:

  • Roughly 89% Alpha hits
  • About 50% of all runs had splits of .19 or less with my fastest being .13
  • The distribution of my shots was in a vertical pattern with only 3% being wide Charlie or Delta

The first 40 shots my gun was flopping around more than I liked so I focused on getting the solid crush grip with the weak hand. Or so I thought... Seems like my hands said "screw that" and both hands started crushing hard resulting in some low shots due to excessive strong hand pressure. The next 40 shots things started to come together more, my mind bitch slapped my hands and they got with the program a bit more, but I was getting some lower shots in the Alpha box as I was pushing for .19 splits, which I was subconsciously pushing down. After a while I was seeing the dot dip so I could correct this condition for the next pair. I was also starting to see my trigger press is a bit sloppy as I was pushing a bit to the left and right but not enough for loads of Charlies and Deltas at this distance. I experimented with different finger placement on the trigger and it seems like the best results came when I had the middle of the second digit of the trigger finger doing the work. That seemed pretty screwed-up, but I have some long ass fingers so it sorta makes sense. Regardless, I'll keep testing this theory. Finally I pushed the target back to 20 yards to go for some group shooting with the head box. After about 50 shots, my accuracy is roughly about 40% due to some issues with my grip and trigger finger. The whole session was about 1.5 hours and my hands felt pretty tired at the close.


With all that said, I'll hone my dry fire routine to focus on these skills. So this week I'll hit trigger control at speed with both DA and SA presses, draws to a paster target at 4 yards in .7 seconds or less (no trigger pull), and 90 degree transitions.

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Posted 27 January 2019 - 07:55 PM

1/27/19 - Match and Training Summary


62 degrees, sunny, in January - even if my match performance sucks balls the weather was awesome!


All that said, today's match performance was an improvement over the past three matches:

  • Overall placement = 53 of 96
  • CO division = 10 of 17
  • A 2019 goal for me is to finish in the top 25 at my local match, number of stages where I was faster than the 25th person = 2 (it's always been zero)
  • How far was I off the pace of the 25th person = 6 seconds

My live fire practice has focused heavily on doubles at 7 yards hitting a 3" round steel plate. I also have been working transitions hard. The reason why I choose these drills is because I want to build a habit of engaging the targets as fast as I can see them; as well as, place two shots on target as quickly as possible, which I tried at this match causing my "charlie" hits to be double of the average over the past 3 matches. Compared to last match, I feel like I was at least 5% more efficient than last match which is roughly my improvement over the last three matches in overall standing and within my division.


Where I screwed the pooch was in accuracy as I pegged two no shoots over the course of the match, which I usually never do. One of the stages where I hit a no shoot was on the classifier 13 04 where I recorded a 8.65 overall time, but the grease mark just was over the outer no shoot perf by a hair so I recorded a "C" classifier. The other one was on the last stage of the day where my legs were pretty sore and I sunk one right into the a zone in the head box (if you're gonna fuck up, fuck up big I say...).


Going forward for next month I'll continue to work the doubles drill but I'm gonna crank the target to 15 yards and aim for splits that are .19 or less. For movement practice, I might try "hit the spot" with 3" steel plates at 10 and 20 yards. In dryfire I'll continue to work trigger control at speed so I can get a better trigger pull. 

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