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Sucking A lot

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 05:32 AM

Time for a journal update.

I shot two matches at my local (WAC, if you know Tampa) Range in the last month. These were my fourth and fifth USPSA matches.

The Friday night match was 4 stages. I did poorly, which it being my first match since Summer last year is probably why. Plus I suck.

The Sunday match was longer, 6 stages plus a classifier.

I shot crap on the classifier. It was the last stage and I was tired. I think I had at least two No Shoots and a Mike. Basically I was pulling the sights right and low.

The other 6 stages I felt I shot much much better than last month. I hit a A/C on a swinger. ‘For me’ I was shooting faster; as in, 15s where the A shooters were done in 8s.

My stage planning was, well, better. I was trying to shoot arrays of targets, between reloads. This seemed to work pretty well, at least when I didn’t fumble a reload.

A pretty decent (A Class, at least) shooter noticed I was new and offered a lot of great stage advice. He suggested being a lefty, if I moved from right to left on stages, instead of left to right, it would make my reloads on the run much less awkward. I tried it and he was right.

I shot 31% of the match winner, a A class PCC shooter, and finished 57 out of 60. Ok, so not dead last, but close.

Looking at it stage by stage my scores reflect my memory. I started on Stage 2 and had 40 in pens with a time of 15s, 9/10, when my P leaders were shooting it in less than 10s. Stage 3 was better, I was again 9/10 but was 52% of the stage winner, with 0 pens.

Stage 4 felt great, and my score was worse, 10/10. It had this stupid giant mattress bed spring thing you had to jump on to shoot through a port and I opted not to shoot from the port behind. LOL.

Stage 5 I was again last, but Stage 6 I was actually 8th with 42% of the P stage winner, with 10 in pens but (for me) a decent HF of 2.6. Whatever I did on that stage I need to do again; it felt great.

The classifier at the end was horrible, 40 in pens with a time 2X the P stage leader, and a HF of 0.7.

Will be thinking about what I need to do in Dry Practice before my next match. I like the Friday matches as "training sessions" and am likely going to do another Sunday 7 stage match next month.

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 07:39 AM

Step one is learning to shoot stages without penalties.

Nothing else matters until you can learn to shoot 6 stages with, at most, a delta or two, and only one or two mikes in the entire match. (Eventually you’ll want to work to cut those out as well, of couse.)

Penalties are murder. -40 worth in one stage means it pretty much doesn’t matter what you practice at home to get faster. That just hurts too much.

Learn how to shoot using the sights on top of the gun until you put two rounds somewhere in all the brown things and have knocked down all the white metal things.
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I won an IDPA match once. It was neat.

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