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Playing in the mud today

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Posted 23 May 2017 - 02:53 PM

Like golf and bowling, 3gun domination depends on the appropriate action pants.


3gun shotgun is so fucking dumb - retard loading contest and tracking which ammo to shoot at what target.  Dumb.  And open shotguns with semi-circle magazines are just as dumb.


It's like ping-pong, golf, and bowling being mashed into a 3ball sport, except you have to go get your bowling ball after each roll to make sure all other skills are irrelevant.  3 things that aren't the same that when packed together create something much dumber than could ever be achieved in each sport alone.  A glorious release of nuclear stupidity, elegantly predicted by the theory of relativity that says manual shotgun loading is fucking dumb relative to other sport skills, including curling sweeping.  Participation outfits so bizarre that even a paroled Ringling Bros clown would decline as "just too creepy."  Men over the age of majority weeping at diminished or inequitable "prize table" selections, like a five year old at Chuck E Cheese who just noticed his sister got a BIGGER SLICE of pizza than he did. 


Still, 3gun has the redeeming value that some of those involved think people would actually enjoy watching it if only the world wasn't so PC.  (*cough* UFC *cough*) and it's always fun to see people living in complete delusion, like a cult just waiting for the right comet to pick them up and give them a show on FoxSports1.

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