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Something other than mediocre

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#21 Sweet T

Sweet T

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Posted 19 May 2018 - 10:21 AM




Obvious thing, patience on the second shot appears to have paid off when I did it. Will be working partials and headshots hard. Planning to switch back to CO, not positive if that's a good thing or not, shot calling is super easy with the dot if I just pay a little attention, but doesn't seem to carry over to irons for me.


You're not helping yourself by switching guns/divisions.


It's a surefire way to stunt your own development.


Pick a gun and stick with it.  Or not.  Just my two cents.

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Posted 14 July 2018 - 10:05 PM

Went with Sweet T's advice stuck with production. 


June had a couple dumpster fire matches, let my mood run me right into the ground. Slacked pretty bad on dryfire, not sure I did any live fire.

Made B, a tangible sign of improvement, would've made it in May, but hit too high and got A flagged on one. I think this has helped motivate me to dry fire more, I don't want to spend the time in B that I did in C. Still though it's a struggle to not get bored or frustrated. 


Not planning any matches this month or likely next, hour earlier summer start times are a bridge too far for my 2nd shift ass.


Plus side is more practice which I should probably be doing anyway.


Shot yesterday, didn't write down a thing, worked accuracy at distance mostly, 25yds and 50. Did pretty good maintaining As at 25, switched to the headbox and was pleasantly surprised there. Need to do 50 a lot more, couldn't hang six straight on paper with any speed, couple matches have been setting a few targets a little further lately.


Today did Distance Change-up 6 times, no real consistency, 3.8-4.3, draw rarely dipped below 1sec, transition to the headbox is SLOW averaging like 1.25, the inconsistency seems to be shot 2 on the headbox 0.7-1.2, and no expediency getting on the second close target with a 0.55avg. Hits were mostly not awful M'd the headbox on the first run, run 2 had 2A 3C 1B, the other four were 4A and 1C 1B or 2B.


Ran some Blake drills at 7yds after that, with one target inverted, hanging right around 2.0x mostly As, PR of 1.91 with 2C from ignoring the inversion and transitioning straight across. There's a reason my dumbass has started inverting one for multi target drills. Drawing right around 1sec and transitioning a little over 0.3 so still need to trim those. 


Screwed around with a plate rack on the move from 10yds went well, then some entry/exit on small steel after that, getting my feet set and making a hit without a complete stop. 

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Posted 05 November 2018 - 11:34 AM

Pretty much spent the summer doing nothing, a few live fire practice sessions range weather policy mostly shit on that idea, a handful of matches, half hearted dry fire. Picked up the CO gun and at least felt motivated to dry fire some. Got video of 4 of 6 stages yesterday.


Overall movement was slow, several pronounced delays getting out of position, and multiple make-ups on steel I think largely I was pulling off before the gun fired, worst were always last in an array.


Stage 5 not on video 2/5 76% HF 4.46 16A 6C 21.95. Seven seconds slower than the overall winner, had to shoot under a table for 6 mini poppers and 3 paper, you had to move to positions while down to see everything, got hung up on one popper, seemed like a vision issue and was just slow moving in general.


Stage 6 Can You Count, last time I shot this was in Production and it got a flagged, my last CO classifier will probably be A flagged, for whatever reason I let these things get in my head, just a train wreck, trigger freeze, forget reload, almost just shoot everything. The only thing decent was the hits but there was no reason to aim that hard at T4.


Stage 1 Fumbled the stow, should've shot the open, activator, swinger or being NPM just left when it wasn't there instead of waiting. Could've left a little sooner, run straight and harder, possibly shot sooner re entering the box, then overran my next position, wasn't awful could be a lot better.


Stage 2 Did not move aggressively enough, I think I should've stayed lower for the paper on the right, could've moved a little while engaging the rack.


Stage 3 Let the no-shoot partial on T2 scare me, too much aiming on the last three paper. 


Stage 4 Not on video, 1/5, 9/26 and 78% of the overall, HF 6.57 18A 4C 15.52, the only thing that stands out here was a planning choice, there were some targets you could run up to or take from further away, I chose to take them from further away, same number of positions, different number of steps and targets from each, probably faster to run four extra steps at the end of the stage and take them from 1/3 the distance.


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