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Your Mental Program

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Posted 07 March 2018 - 10:12 PM

Guess I was talking about "bigger" matches. If it's a weekly rinky dink 8 person club match and the stage is an El Pres then yeah I'll tape.

yeah, i still like to keep an eye on poppers, esp if the locknuts are loose so you know the stage RO's are fucking off. But typically you can't get away with adjusting poppers at a major when you are on deck, so that's an in the hole thing, and you just figure the screw won't move more than 1/8 turn when it falls next time.

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Posted 12 March 2018 - 04:37 PM

Prior to shooting, I'm running the stage repeatedly in my mind, seeing it in progressively greater detail. Ideally, it's more real and detailed than any movie I've seen where I'm feeling the grip tension in my forearms, seeing muzzle blast as the sights lift, smelling the burned powder, and feeling my feet push against the range surface. I want to see all my visual cues as I'm moving through the stage along with transitioning my visual focus from that cue to the subsequent target. I'll verify aspects of all this while pasting targets.


When I'm on deck, I'll loosen up and run the stage a couple more times.


At make ready, I'll run the stage once more in my head, load my pistol, drop the mag to check that there are 10 rounds in it, then double check the mags on my belt. Then I'll focus my eyes on the first visual cue, which could be the first target if it's visible from the start position or a seam or nail in the fault line if it's not. For an unloaded start, I'll focus on the point in front of me where I'll be loading. Then I'll clear my mind and wait for the buzzer.


When the buzzer sounds, I'm ideally watching things happen in the third person, just like in the movie I visualized. I used to tell myself to watch the front sight, press the trigger straight back, or something similar, but it's now more to be present and watch the show. I want the experience to be like driving when I'm late to an important appointment: I'm in control and processing everything automatically, but things are happening fast.


If I call a shot as marginal, I'll generally make it up automatically unless momentum has carried me past the target.


I've had a couple cases where my attention slipped and I thought that I forgot a target, but I actually had shot it. First time this happened was at the 2017 GA Championship where I got to the end of a stage and had a terrible sinking feeling as I unloaded. The target in question was on the other side of the stage and would have taken me 5+ seconds to reach. I immediately walked over to it and saw two crisp holes in the center.

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Posted 12 March 2018 - 08:57 PM

After eating the extra big ass food coma match BBQ lunch and needing to steal D class plans...



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